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The Summits

A powerful learning about advancing social progress to achieve the sustainable development goals

Anchored by the Social Progress Index, a powerful benchmarking tool to connect decision-makers with fresh perspectives on social performance, the What Works global summits bring together leaders and change-makers from business, government, and civil society. Through focused case studies, debate and interactive workshops, participants leave with new tools and innovative solutions, along with a strengthened network and prospective partners to help drive social change. 

Together we explore how we can achieve the SDGs by using the SPI tools and create positive policy change at every level of government, how social performance can drive opportunities for businesses to get ahead, and how all stakeholders can work together to advance social progress.

Social Progress Imperative and Cognitio have been developing the summit and it has been held four times since 2016.

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María Fernanda Espinosa
President of the United Nations General Assembly for the 73rd session

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Social Progress Index

Let´s see the world differently

The Social Progress Imperative’s mission is to improve the quality of lives of people around the world by advancing global social progress. The Social Progress Index provides a robust, holistic and innovative measurement tool to guide countries’ choices to enable greater social progress and foster research and knowledge-sharing on the policies and investments that will best achieve that goal.

By measuring a better world the Social Progress Index allows everyone, regardless of their role in society, to join in a common understanding of how well their community performs on the things that really matter to everyday people.

How does your country compare? Take a look.


Speakers at What Works 

We are proud to bring inspirational speakers both from the private and the public sectors from across the globe to What Works Summits.
What Works Summit speakers included

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