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FORUM 1 | Covid-19 Vulnerabilities & Priorities
Recorded June 4, 2020
No country or community, no matter its wealth, healthcare infrastructure or demographic profile is immune to Covid-19—but as the data suggests, some are more vulnerable than others. For the world to respond effectively to the pandemic emergency, we must be armed with the right information so we take decisive actions around the crisis. Through a data-driven lens, we’ll examine our vulnerabilities, discuss what works, where we are falling short and where to go from here.

FEATURING   Michael Green CEO | Social Progress Imperative    Þórólfur Guðnason Chief Epidemiologist | Iceland Directorate of Health   Andrea Prado Associate Professor | INCAE Business School    Robert Blaine Chief Administrative Officer | City of Jackson, Mississippi    Sampriti Mukherjee Researcher | Institute for Competitiveness India    Deirdre White President & CEO | PYXERA Global    Chett Matchett Managing Director, People and Culture, Strategy and Operations | ATB Financial    Adam Craker CEO | IQbusiness 
Michael Green
Þórólfur Guðnason
Andrea Prado
Robert Blaine
Sampriti Mukherjee
Chett Matchett
Adam Craker
Deirdre White
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