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SPI2019 is out - the best so far

The 2019 Social Progress Index ("SPI"), compiled by the Social Progress Imperative ranks 149 countries’ social performance over six years (2014-2019). It uses 51 indicators including: nutrition, shelter, safety, education, health, personal rights and inclusiveness.

The index captures outcomes related to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and is a comprehensive snapshot of a country’s overall progress towards the achievement of the goals.

The new data reveals the world is under performing on eight out of 12 major sections of the SPI. Based on this new data, the SPI forecasts the world will not meet the SDGs 2030 target until 2073 on current trends.

The data shows the biggest areas of underperformance are on measures related to water and sanitation, nutrition and basic medical care, shelter, and personal rights.

Visit the homepage Social Progress 'Imperative to see where your country ranks

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