Good to know:

Currency exchange
The currency in Iceland is the Icelandic Krona (ISK). Foreign currency can be exchanged at all banks. Cash can also be obtained using major credit cards in all banks, and ATMs can be found in many places. Banking hours are from 09:15-16:00, Monday to Friday. The Change Group offices are open daily, May-September from 08:30-20:00. Exchange offices are also available in Keflavik Airport.

Tax refunds
VAT (Value Added Tax) is refundable when visitors take goods out of the country. The refund will reduce retail prices by approximately 15%. A purchase of no less than 4000 ISK per store is eligible for a refund. The goods must be shown to customs officers at Keflavik Airport before leaving the country.
See: Tax refund

Duty-free shopping
Duty-free goods may be purchased both upon arrival and departure at Keflavík Airport. The duty-free allowance is 1 litre of spirits (up to 47% alcohol) and 1 litre of wine (up to 21% alcohol) or 6 litres of imported beer and 200 cigarettes or the equivalent in other tobacco products. It is prohibited to bring uncooked meat and various meat products (salami, smoked meat, etc.) into the country.

Shopping hours

There are many excellent shops in Reykjavík. Visitors will find a wide selection of goods both in the downtown area and at Kringlan and Smáralind shopping malls, offering woollen products, ceramics, jewellery and skin and fur products.

Stores are open from 10.00-18:00 on weekdays but have variable opening hours on weekends.


Iceland has been dubbed the Land of the Midnight Sun and indeed around Midsummer Eve, the sun is visible all day. 21st of December is the darkest day during winter, the solstice when the sun is only visible for two and a half hours.

This natural phenomena, however, is what creates the unique and beautiful light in Iceland. Artists and photographers are enthralled by it and strive to capture its variations in miscellaneous ways. 


The Gulf Stream passes along the coast of Iceland ensuring cool temperate climates. The summers are cool and winters fairly mild with an average high in January about 1,9 °C/ 33,6°F and with an average high of 13,3 °C/ 53,1°F in July.