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Pre-summit sessions

Advancing Social Progress in the Nordic Region

      State of the Nordic region

      Nordic experiences implementing the 2030 Agenda

      Challenge of the Nordics










Social Progress Network Meeting


      What Works: INCAE


      What Works: Mexico


      What Works: ECOM Agrotrading


      What Works: Jackson


      What Works: Peru


      What Works: Orkestra

      What Works: Barking and Dagenham


      What Works: San Jose

      What Works: South Africa 

      What Works: Australia 

      What Works: India

      What Works: Chile

     Youth Progress Index



Understanding the Social Progress Index and Framework


      SPI training




What Works 2019 global summit 
Welcome by María Fernando Espinosa
President of the UN General Assembly
What Works 2019 sessions
     Social Progress by the numbers
     What works in cities
     Spotlight on social inclusion - Nepal
Working Groups
      Quality jobs for all
      Quality education for all
      Infrastructure to meet basic human needs
      Good health & wellbeing for all
      Environmental quality, combating climate change
      Personal rights, improving inclusiveness
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