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Wednesday, April 3rd   - Harpa - Silfurberg A or B

14:00 – 17:00    Post-summit side event: The business imperative to create social impact 

Today’s companies largely understand that aligning business practices with public good ultimately produces better returns and adds real value to society. It is no longer considered to be enough to be philanthropic or have corporate social responsibility objectives. The businesses who are truly doing well by doing good, are the ones whose highest priorities are serving their customers and employees and who have a positive impact within their communities and on the environment. Studies show that purpose-led firms attract and retain better future leaders and ultimately serve their shareholders with greater value, beyond strong quarterly returns. This workshop will examine what works in driving corporate growth through social impact.


Michael Green, CEO and founder of SPI Social Progress Imperative                                              14:00    


Laura G Koch,  Impact Investor

Einar Gunnar Guðmundsson, Corporate Entrepreneur,  Arion bank

Empowerment of our customers through digital solutions. 

Deirdre White, CEO at PYXERA Global                                                

Páll Harðarson, CEO Icelandic Stock Exchange


Coffee Break                                15:30
Panel:   Addressing the challenges in driving growth through social impact 

Moderator:    Kyra Kaszynski, MIA Global Public Policy, Deloitte Global
Confirmed Participants    

Wade Warren                                Deloitte Global
Sally Anne Jansen                         IQ Business South Africa    
Simon Zadek                                 UNEP

Closing        Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir        

Session Chair:    Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir, CEO of Festa,  Centre for Social Responsibility,  Iceland.    

Complimentary access to this session is available to What Works 2019 participants. No additional registration required. All others must register for this session in advance.




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