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Monday April 1st


9:00 - 13:00    Pre-summit workshop: Advancing Social Progress in the Nordic region - Nordic House

Nordic countries are consistently at the top of the annual Social Progress Index rankings, but there are still ways to improve wellbeing in their communities. This interactive workshop will explore what Nordic countries are doing right, and how they can deliver better social and environmental outcomes.


The Performing of the Nordics                                                                                         09:00

                                   -  Newest results from SPI2018/ 5 years trend / SDG projection

Michael Green, CEO and founder, Social Progress Imperative
Challenges of the Nordics                                                                                                09:30

Geir Oddsson – MFA                                                              

Agenda 2030 at the local level: Experiences from the Nordic countries                     10:00
Nora Sanchez Gassen, Nordregio

- coffee break

Local Actions
 – Short presentations and discussions                                                    10:50

Umea -  Sweden, Albert Edman & Vice Mayor Mrs. Janet Ågren

Helsinki - Finland , Olli-Pekka Hatanpää                                           
Sermersooq - Greenland, Bilo Høegh Stigsen

Kopavogur - Iceland, Páll Magnússon


 Session Chair – Gunnar Haraldsson, SPI Iceland


Complimentary access to this session is available to What Works 2019 participants. No additional registration required. All others must register for this session in advance.Ss









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