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Tourism Matters to advance social progress

The What Works Tourism Summit 2021 was a great success
Along with great pictures taken through the day we share here some of the most brilliant highlights of the tourism summit that help us see where we are and how to advance the tourism industry: 

- It's not about choosing between economic or social success. Sustainability is not negotiable. We need to accelerate sustainable development in the tourism industry. 

- Social progress boosts economic development; for example, Costa Rica has already significantly impacted its society by creating strategies that incorporate wellness, sustainability, and innovation. 

- Norway has a new tourism plan and they identified two drivers for change: digitalization and green shift.

- Domestic tourism has increased and has helped reduce carbon emissions. Iceland recognizes this as an area of opportunity and offers better services for the tourists and their residents. 

- All countries must work together to transition to a more equal, sustainable, responsible, and inclusive tourism industry

- We are all tourists, guests, and hosts. It's our responsibility to shift focus and push social progress in our community. 

How do you think we can contribute to improving the social impact of the tourism industry?


Speakers and participants 2021 from all around the world, both in person and online

Supporters and Partners - 2021

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