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Past What Works Events

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2021 - Asta Kristín - Iceland Tourism  & Cluster & Chris Doyle - Tension

2019 - Kyra 

What Works Summits since 2016

The What Works Summits have been running several times since 2016 when it first started in Iceland as a side event in Reykjavik.

With great support from international as local supporters, both private and public bodies we have made it possible to bring on the agenda how important it is to focus on what works to social Progress.

2016 - What Works  - How to use SPI
2017  - What Works Summit - how to build up the society we want
2019  - What Works Summit - how to achieve the SDG´s
2020 - Online What Works Virtual forum
2021  - What Works Tourism - Reykjanesbær
2022 - What Works Banff, Canada

Online and In-person forums


Testimonies and discussions

"What Works in tourism is
a simple question with no simple
answer. When I reflect on my
work as Minister of Tourism in
Iceland, there are three things I
would like to see carried out:
Coordination, Data-based
decisions and innovation"
Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð
Minister of tourism Iceland 2017-2021

  • “How do we make the SDGs not a dream that we’ve abandoned, but a reality that we can live”

  • “We can talk a lot about the different issues coming out, but there is a lot of re-engineering that must take place that puts people at the center.”


  • We need to be intentionally addressing gaps now and the social progress index shows us where some of those serious inequalities are. 

“The Social Progress Imperative has
been fortunate to bring together a
community of leaders from prime
ministers to community, to
foundations, to universities. Coming
together to create a social progress
community. To create an agenda
around not simply measuring social
progress but creating action and
-Scott Stern,
Professor MIT Sloane School of Management

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