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Our Local Meeting Planner
in Banff, Alberta 2022 

ConnectSeven develops and executes events for Social and Environmental Change

Connecting People. Creating Change.

Sustainable Event Development and Execution

We are not like your standard event company. We are leaders in research-based sustainable and social impact events. We only focus on purposeful events that make a difference. Like many event companies, at ConnectSeven we are innovative, we are perfectionists and we are experienced producers. But unlike other event companies, our events are fueled by industry research and strategy, resulting in award-winning, professionally executed events incorporating the latest trends and technologies. We always deliver on experiential objectives.

We are deeply engrained in sustainable and social development projects. We have a database of trends and best practices for each of our projects and are constantly on top of industry developments. We provide event consulting, strategy and management for clients focused on global change initiatives.

  • We are Strategic

  • We are Innovative

  • We are Respected

  • We are Award-winning


Supporting the United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals


Whether you are a destination looking to attract events, or an event looking to attract people -for a new generation of tourists, event attendees, and host destinations, events are craving to have a more positive impact through sustainable practices and spin-off community benefits.

ConnectSeven offers two positive impact frameworks to ensure your event and host destination meets the expectations of the new generation.


Local Management Team
in Banff, Alberta:

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